Swimming Tips for Self-Tanning Enthusiasts

Summer is right around the corner and there’s no better way to enjoying it than getting your fair share of the beach. One of the hottest summer trends is getting yourself a tan, due to the tone complementing your body. While there are various methods of earning the much desire bronze shade, using self tanners has become a better option.

pool-1395069_1280Self tanners may be dubbed as fake tan’ but you’d be surprised at how good they are. As opposed to drenching yourself with much of the sun’s rays to get the lovely color, self tanners make use of various chemicals to aid in coloring your skin. This is a healthier approach since you won’t be exposed to copious amounts of radiation which could lead to cancer.

Despite the better switch to self tanners, this method of tanning can be quite tricky. Due to it being a topical application, there’s a lot of care needed to maintain a good tan. With the hotter days making its way, self tanners can be much difficult to maintain.

If you’re eager to take a dip at the beach or the pool, make sure to apply your self tanner as much as you can. The bleaching properties from the pool’s chlorine tend to whiten your skin. It’s also advisable not to take as much time as you can in the pool. By letting your skin absorb much of the chlorinated water, you’re giving way to quick trip on losing your tan.

Beaches are no lesser evil on this degree as the salt water causes our skin to dry. With dry skin comes an easier way for our skin to peel thus it’s best to consistently moisturize your skin. It would be ideal to moisturize your skin before and after taking a dip to ensure you’re not going to peel off the bronze tone easily.

Despite your consistent usage of your self tanner, it’s still important to put on some sun tan since your skin needs to be protected from the sun’s UV rays. A darker shade of skin also lacks the much needed defense against the harsh rays thus you’ll need to reapply the sun tan as often as every two hours.

To sum it all up, yes you can dive into the very tempting waters with your spray tan. However, you’ll need to be extra careful to do the aforementioned tips to avoid losing the brown color faster than you’d like it to, as well as keeping your skin healthy during the course of the hot season. im\-|t\-m