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What to Love about Thermalabs Complete Airbrush System

Self tanning has made a mark on the tanning industry. Not only are you treated to a more manageable approach to tanning but you're also protecting yourself from a chance to heighten your chances on getting skin cancer. In fact, in the recent years, skin cancer has risen primarily due to sunbathing and tanning […]

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Airbrush Fingernails with Professional Airbrush System

Once you've gotten yourself the Thermalabs' Caribbean Professional Airbrush System, you surely can't get enough of its multiple uses! You can also use it in painting your nails!

Airbrushing nails is easy to learn and once you get the hang of using the airbrush, you'll be able to create lots of amazing designs! We […]

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Thermalabs Airbrush FAQ

You must be very excited to try airbrushing on your own. Ever since the radical approach of using airbrush as a medium for applying makeup, various individuals have started to indulge in this venture. While using an airbrush may be simple, there are still various questions that mull around.

To aid you on enjoying the […]

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Things You Can Do with Airbrush Spray Machine

When it comes to having an airbrush spray machine, most of the things we can concoct of using it are limited to painting toy figures. While the machine was gear to be used in that matter, it's not the only thing it can paint. You may be surprised at just how many uses the […]

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