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Application Mitt

Why You Might Be Using Tanning Mitts All Wrong

If you've been hoping to try out tanning for quite some time, you may have gone through the basics to this little skin care venture. One can't help but wonder how prepared they can be when it comes to tanning. Tanning mitts are one of the best aids to putting the tan from self […]

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Why Does Thermalabs Ultimitt Keep Getting A 5-Star Rating

Tanning mitts are a necessity. Not only does it help make applying tanning lotions less messy and easier, it also helps keep application very even, which helps prevent streaks and dark spots.

There are plenty of tanning mitts available in the market, more so online. And in, Thermalabs frequently comes out on top as […]

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Self Tanning Perks: Enjoy The Summer Glow All Year Through

Who cares about the weather as long as you're feeling good about your skin? Tanning knows no season. In fact, it's an accomplishment to have a bronzed skin from self-tanners all year through!

The good thing about using self tanners to achieve a summer glow is that your skin doesn't get damaged from the sun. […]

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Quick Christmas Tanning Options

Do you want to feel good about yourself? Are you looking for some way to keep your skin healthy? A great way to achieve this is by tanning your skin.

Here are some ways to get yourself tanned.


Lying under the sun for a certain amount of time will tan your skin. It is vital, however, […]

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Gift Ideas for Tanning Addicts

Each one of us might have a tanning addict friend or two. And whether we like it or not, sometimes we feel obliged to give them gifts especially the holiday season is just around the corner. Here are some wonderful things to surprise them:

1. Holiday trip to Australia
This is great place where the sun […]

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How to Take a Great Selfie of Your Perfect Tan

Taking a selfie is a great way of boosting your self-confidence or showing your latest fashion style. Selfie is the latest craze in social media right now. Everybody is taking their selfies from the most prominent people in the world like celebrities down to ordinary citizens. It's very irresistible when you can see selfies […]

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Tips for Using a Tanning Mitt

Whether you use sunless tanning products such as lotion, mousse, gel or spray, Thermalabs' tanning mitt is a must-have accessory of every tan enthusiast. Tanning mitts are composed of special fiber designed to spread tanning formulas in wider coverage and faster application resulting in an even and smooth tan. It has a water resistant […]

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Spider Veins Solutions with Self Tanners

If you are having problems with the curse of varicose veins or spider veins, worry no more. There are a lots of affordable solutions available for you. One of the most used and inexpensive techniques is using self tanners to hide the veins. Self tanners can blur the appearance of the veins. Then there […]

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How To Accentuate Your Tan

Simply applying a self tanner on your body is not enough. It is important that you know how to properly accentuate and project your tan and here is how you can do so:

Get Tanned: One of the first things that you should do is to get tanned and you can do this though the […]

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Tanning Basics: All About Sunless Tanning

Sunless tanners have grown extremely popular these days that even those who regularly go to the beach to sunbathe and get their skin bronzed also utilize fake tanners at some point. If you are planning to switch from your old method of tanning into the more reliable sunless tanning method then there are a […]

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