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How to Contour your Face with Thermalabs Self Tanner

Contouring is one of the best ways to make yourself look better. It's all the rave in the make up industry, knowing how you use your bronzer and highlighter does a lot on changing your look. Recently, many individuals have begun to use tanning as a means to contour their bodies. It's actually gaining […]

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The Contouring Trend Using Self Tanners

Tanning is quite a unique beauty aid. While the usual thought of getting a tan is through the means of baking your skin under the sun's rays is the normal picture of tanning, the newer method to tanning would be quite a treat for you. With the prospect of getting skin cancer through sunbathing […]

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3-D Tanning Technique Using Thermalabs Self Tanners

Tan skin is quite a rave in the skin care industry. Not only does it aid in giving your body the nice angular appeal that body builders desire or the exotic aura, it gives you that confidence that can only be provided with a bronze color.

With this particular skin color in an uproar, it's […]

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Valentine Makeup Tricks Using Self Tanners

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and you surely want to make yourself presentable and glamorous for your date on that very romantic day. That date on Valentine's Day with the one you love will surely be romantic and wonderful and it's best that you look good for the occasion. One way of doing it […]

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Tanorexia – Self Tanning Addiction

Tanorexia is a medical condition that describes tanners who are very much obsessed with sun tanning, tanning beds, or other tanning methods. It is derived from the two words tan' and anorexia'. Anorexia is an emotional disorder characterized by an obsessive desire to lose weight while tanorexia is an obsessive desire to […]

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Self Tanners in Action: Tontouring

Contouring is another way to build up self-confidence. It is done by drawing some lines towards your nose line or abs or any part of your body to make it look thinner or sexier through the use of make up. But everyday contouring is sometimes time consuming and tiring especially when you have to […]

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Self-Tanner Trick for a Slimmer Body

People have always enjoyed flaunting their bronzed skin. To most people, having tanned skin is appealing and this also makes them feel good about themselves and boosts their confidence at the same time. It has been a while and looking back, it is interesting to see that a growing number of people have resorted […]

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