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Exfoliating Tips Using Thermalabs Exfoliating Mitt

Exfoliating is a very important part in keeping a good skin care regimen. Normally, our skin pushes out the layer of impurities off. But as we grow older, our body tends to delegate the processes to more important parts of our bodies. We usually get to this part during our late twenties to our […]

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How To Avoid Over Makeup Application After Self Tanning

Putting on makeup is one of the best ways to look better with yourself. It’s not surprising as makeup has become the most appreciated way to accentuate one’s beauty. Recently, makeup has been a companion to tanned skin. Normally, you don’t want to mix one with the other as putting makeup on a tanned […]

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How to Achieve Beautiful Skin With Thermalabs Exfoliating Glove

Getting beautiful skin can be done through a lot of means. It can be from the food you eat down to your lifestyle. If you're one to lack sleep as each day goes by, looking your best can be quite the effort. There are a lot of ways to get beautiful skin but we […]

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Proper Way of Using a Natural Exfoliator

Dull, peeling skin can be quite the inconvenience or an eyesore. Exfoliation is the key to buffing your skin a notch. Exfoliation, or cleansing, is important to a good skin care regimen. Our skin naturally sheds off the layer of dead skin cells but as we grow older, our body slows down on a […]

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Why Use Thermalabs Exfoliating Mitt

One of the most important steps to getting the best self tanner result is exfoliating. Now you might be wondering, why is exfoliating your skin very important. Time and time our skin builds up layers and layers of dead skin. This gets in the way of keeping your skin in tip-top condition as well […]

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Pre-tanning Tips: Scrub Naturally with Walnuts and Almonds

Your skin is the largest organ of your body thus if you're not taking care of it, it can lead to a lot of complications. One of the most notable things about your skin is that it is the most visual part of your body. If you're not taking care of yourself or failing […]

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Coffee Variants that Are Surprisingly Good for Tanning The Skin

The much beloved bronze color has been cooking up the skin care industry with a storm. Having a tan is one of the greatest approaches to indulging yourself. While you may want to avoid trips to the nearest tanning salon due to the high UV ray distribution from tanning beds, self tanners are quite […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Skip the Scrub Before Self Tanning

Preparing the skin before getting a tan is very important. This actually creates the difference between getting a perfect tan and an ugly, streaking, uneven spots on your skin. Preparation depends on how soon you need that tan and the availability of skin care products that you want to use. But for now, we […]

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The Wonders of Coffee and Sugar to Exfoliate Before Tanning

There are lots of preparation to do when it comes to tanning your skin. You'll have prep your skin by exfoliating in order for your skin to be in the best condition before it bathes under the sun or indoors by using sunbeds. There are many products to choose from when you plan to […]

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What to Love About Thermalabs Exfoliation Glove

Last December 2015, Thermalabs has launched the Exfoliating Gloves Pack . Thermalabs is well known for their high quality formulations and natural self-tanning products and we are very confident that our new cosmetic product will be as popular as the previous ones. Unlike other normal exfoliating gloves, Thermalabs ensures that this is one […]

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