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Organic Self Tanner

The Many Uses of Coconut Oil (Bonus: Tanning)

Coconut has been dubbed as the tree of life. Not surprising as all of the tree's components are used to help uplift our lives. One of the most notable products from the coconut tree is the coconut oil. Coconut oil has been used in a lot of ways. If it's virgin coconut oil, it […]

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Thermalabs Products That Can Make You Swimsuit Ready!

During summer, one the most sought after goals for this season is getting the beach body. Accomplished or not, no one has to shy away from looking their best for some fun time with sand and the sea. One of the most notable sights you'd see amongst individuals during summer is the bronze tone […]

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Safer Tanning Options According to Dermatologists

Sensitive skin can be quite the hurdle when it comes to enjoying the novelties of life. With the fad of having bronze skin, it can be a short end of the stick for those with such skin types. Tanning beds and tanning salons are out of the options as they do quite a lot […]

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Self-Tanning Tips for all the Travel Junkie

There are many people who desires that elegant tan color in their skin and not so many people know how to do it even without going to tanning salons. Having a tan on your body is great, especially during the summer and other occasions where you'll hang out in the beach or near the […]

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Self Tanning Perks: Enjoy The Summer Glow All Year Through

Who cares about the weather as long as you're feeling good about your skin? Tanning knows no season. In fact, it's an accomplishment to have a bronzed skin from self-tanners all year through!

The good thing about using self tanners to achieve a summer glow is that your skin doesn't get damaged from the sun. […]

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Hello Self-Tanning, Goodbye Tanning Beds!

You read it right! You can stay tanned all-year long even without going to tanning salons. All you need is a trusted brand of self tanners and you're good to go.

One of the most common skin problems due to continuous change of the weather is getting oily or dry skin depending on your current […]

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Halloween Tips to Preserve Your Self-Tanned Skin Even With Body Paint/Makeup

Halloween is Here! You want to dress up as a zombie or a vampire. However, that involves a lot of makeup covering your face! If done badly, it could result in tons of zits and pimples the day after, or worse – getting your tan ruined.

Self tanning is one of the most convenient ways […]

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Showering Tips for a Newly Tanned Skin

Sometimes, showering after a tanning process is becoming an issue. What is really the real score? Does it affect your tan? How does it affect your tan? Well, clear out your mind and know how showering affects your tan.

First, know what tanning process you've undergone because that would be the biggest factor you need […]

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Self Tanning in Groups: How To Do It Right

Self tanning is exciting and full of fun but it's more fun if you do it with your self tanner buddies like your siblings, friends, workmates, classmates, or colleagues. It's more fun because you will be able to help each other in applying self tanner to the hard-to-reach parts of the body. You will […]

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Tanorexia – Self Tanning Addiction

Tanorexia is a medical condition that describes tanners who are very much obsessed with sun tanning, tanning beds, or other tanning methods. It is derived from the two words tan' and anorexia'. Anorexia is an emotional disorder characterized by an obsessive desire to lose weight while tanorexia is an obsessive desire to […]

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