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Removing Self tanners

Moisturizing Do’s And Dona��ts For Self Tanned Skin

Now, if you thought the struggle with self tanning ends with the application, you're surely wrong. When it comes to taking care of one's self tanned skin, there's a lot of things that you'll need to consider. Due to how tangible self tanned skin can be, it's best to follow these tips to making […]

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Great Tricks to Remove Self Tanning Stains

At times, we can't help getting through some mishaps when it comes to self tanning. It's completely normal to get stains here and there. Be it a beginner or even a tenured user of a self tanner can forget that we might not have dried the tanning agent before donning on some clothes or […]

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Halloween Tips to Preserve Your Self-Tanned Skin Even With Body Paint/Makeup

Halloween is Here! You want to dress up as a zombie or a vampire. However, that involves a lot of makeup covering your face! If done badly, it could result in tons of zits and pimples the day after, or worse – getting your tan ruined.

Self tanning is one of the most convenient ways […]

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Quick Ways to Remove Self Tanner Stains from your Clothes

In every application of self tanner products, stains are many times out of control. It can spill out on your carpet, bed sheets and the most prone fabric is your clothes because it sticks on your skin while you are letting your applied self tanner dry. It is one of the most frustrating disadvantages […]

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Cleansing Tanned Face

It is important that you take care of your face even when it is already tanned. While this can be challenging since you do not want your tan to get ruined, you have to pick the right products and be familiar with the proper method for cleansing your tanned face.
These are some of the […]

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Spider Veins Solutions with Self Tanners

If you are having problems with the curse of varicose veins or spider veins, worry no more. There are a lots of affordable solutions available for you. One of the most used and inexpensive techniques is using self tanners to hide the veins. Self tanners can blur the appearance of the veins. Then there […]

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How To Remove Self Tanners

With self tanners taking the center stage when it comes to the world of bronze skins, it is equally important to know how to properly remove unpleasant looking tans. Not all people are adept when it comes to utilizing self tanners, especially those who opt for DIY self tanners and often end up getting […]

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