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Skin cancer

Tips to Avoid Skin Cancer

Skin cancer has become quite the illness in the recent decade. In fact, there's been a distinct rise of individuals who have been noted to have acquired skin cancer. Cancer is no easy disease to throw around thus getting quite an alarming number of individuals who die due to skin cancer can mean a […]

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Get Naked and Say Melanoma No More

International Men's Health Month originally started as Men's Health Week, which is celebrated yearly during the week preceding and including Father's Day. It honors the importance of men's health and wellness. It was chosen for this specific time of the year to make use of the extra attention given to male family members near […]

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Can Tanning Help Prevent Skin Cancer?

Two of the most common skin cancer that people can acquire would be basal cell skin cancer and squamous cell skin cancer. The difference between the two kinds of cancer is that the former can be cured while the latter spreads faster than basal cell skin and often develops on parts of the body […]

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