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Hair loss in women

Hairloss among men is devastating. But for a woman losing her hair; can’t find the words to beguile her. It is common to see bald


When you go to the beach there are two things you will first notice; sand and water. But you never pay much attention to the

The human hair (part 2)

The crowning glory, “I got a good hair day”; these are what you commonly hear from persons who are very particular with their hair. Usually

The human hair (part 1)

Hair is a protein filament that grows from follicles in the dermis of the skin and is a defining characteristic of mammals. Hair covers most

Beach home hacks

If you look at your neighbor, there is a high chance that you will see family packing for a trip to the beach. With the

Ultraviolet A and Ultraviolet B

We have talked about the source of ultraviolet radiation, the sun. The sun radiates energy in a wide range of wavelengths. The shorter the wavelength,

What is the sun?

The very essence sunless tanning is to replicate the effects of basking under the sun without the sun. Too much sun is harsh on the

Summer Destinations

Summer is here, and you what that means. Beach vacations! Given the COVID-19 travel restrictions, best to travel with the United States of America. Below

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Skin tanning timeline(Part 1)

We wrote about the skin tanning history on our previous articles. However, admitted, it is not that well organized. As of this writing, this what

Two uncommon tanning methods

The most common method for getting a suntan is using tanning lotions, actual sunbathe, or tanning machines. After a few hours of research, there are

UV lamps

An ultraviolet lamp, or Black-light Lamp, is a device that produces electromagnetic radiations in the wavelengths between visible light and X-rays. Sunrays are rich in

Colors and its effects

Specialists in the fields of medicine, psychology, and pseudoscience; the shades of each color have an extremely strong influence on the mood of a person.