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Spray Tan

Why You Should Try Spray Tanning

When you want to try to change your look without trying to do anything drastic, tanning is the way to go. Sunbathing is a common approach to getting this end result. Although, indoor tanning can be used for this method as well. Normally, you would find these two as the most optimal options to […]

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How Can Spray Tanning Change Your Life

Tanning has become more and more appealing to the masses. It's not surprising since tanning can do a lot of pros for any individual. If you want to sort out your uneven skin tone, try to hide your flaws or just want a sultry look, tanning appears to be the most preferred beauty method […]

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Spray Tan Rules to Remember

Tanning can be done in various methods. The common ways of getting a tan is through sunbathing and indoor tanning. Unfortunately, these methods of tanning have become more and more hazardous. Did you know that these methods make use of UV rays? Consistent exposure to UV radiation will raise your chances of getting skin […]

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Things To Love about Airbrush Tanning Machine

If you want to look your best, one of the methods to do so is self tanning. Self tanning has become quite an appealing beauty enhancer without doing a drastic change to your body. Compared to the conventional method of tanning which is through sunbathing and indoor tanning self tanning is a much healthier […]

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Things To Know Before Getting A Spray Tan for Your Big Event

When it comes to looking your best for certain events, it's always good to make a great impression. Great impressions are done by looking your best. Thus for upcoming weddings, reunions or even lengthy holidays, one has to be ready to pose in front of the camera. One way to get your look up […]

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What Are the Best Tanning Machines to Invest on This Season

Tanning has gone through drastic methods since it was discovered. Normally, we'd consider tanning done only by staying under the sun. However, with today's innovations; it's been a lot of additions to make tanning an easier experience. Aside from the usual sunbathing, indoor tanning has become quite a hit to the community. However, it's […]

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Why Use Spray Tan Tent

Methods of tanning has evolved through the years. From the well-knonwn method of sunbathing to the comfortable indoor tanning and now we have the healthiest option of getting a tan, self tanners. Whichever method you'd choose, it boils down to which one works best for you. However, as the years has trickled by, many […]

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Bridal Spray Tan Tips

There's nothing wrong on wanting to look your best for one of the best days of your life. In fact, many individuals venture to tanning to make the most out of their wedding days. Tanning before your wedding day is becoming a trend, especially to those who are truly addicted to getting a tan. […]

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Spray Tanning Allergies Prevention And Cure

Tanning can be quite the asset to an individual. With the rise of skin cancer from sunbathing and using tanning beds or tanning showers, it's no surprise that a lot of tanning addicts have opted to use self tanners. While they might be the healthier approach to getting your bronze tone, some individuals might […]

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What to Love about Thermalabs Complete Airbrush System

Self tanning has made a mark on the tanning industry. Not only are you treated to a more manageable approach to tanning but you're also protecting yourself from a chance to heighten your chances on getting skin cancer. In fact, in the recent years, skin cancer has risen primarily due to sunbathing and tanning […]

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