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Sunless Tanning

How Self Tanners are Good for your Skin than Sunbathing

Tanning is quite a rage despite the years since it has been discovered. With so many positive things it can bring, it's not surprising that a lot of individuals clamor to achieve it. Tanning is the process of changing one's tone with the aid of the sun. In the absence of the sun, individuals […]

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Pyschological Benefits of Tanning

Tanning has become quite the eye-catching aesthetic to making one feel better with themselves. Getting a tan can range from basking for hours on end under the sun, being inside a tanning bed or simply lathering one's skin with self-tanner. Whichever the method of tanning is, there's really something about tanned skin that makes […]

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How to Have a Glowing Skin During the Holiday Rush

From summer to autumn to winter, it's certainly a big leap when it comes to temperature. Summer did turn things up by a notch and it's not surprising that it makes a big change when autumn comes in. While the previous season was already chilly enough, winter's decked out with even lower temperatures that […]

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Top Self-Tanner Mistakes Youa��re Actually Making Without Realizing It



Having a tan is one of the most complimenting features of your body. Who can deny the wondrous contouring that the color gives to your body?

There are a lot of methods to get a tan be it from soaking as much sunlight as you can for the entire duration of the day; or you […]

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Hello Self-Tanning, Goodbye Tanning Beds!

You read it right! You can stay tanned all-year long even without going to tanning salons. All you need is a trusted brand of self tanners and you're good to go.

One of the most common skin problems due to continuous change of the weather is getting oily or dry skin depending on your current […]

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Best Location or Position When Applying Your Self Tanner

Applying self tanners can sometimes be messy especially when you accidentally spill it on your bed sheet or most loved clothes. So you'd better be extra careful with applying your self tanner especially when you are new to it. But sometimes being too careful slows down your application process and consumes a larger portion […]

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Tanorexia – Self Tanning Addiction

Tanorexia is a medical condition that describes tanners who are very much obsessed with sun tanning, tanning beds, or other tanning methods. It is derived from the two words tan' and anorexia'. Anorexia is an emotional disorder characterized by an obsessive desire to lose weight while tanorexia is an obsessive desire to […]

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Tanning Inspiration: Celebrities with Gorgeous Tan

Lots of celebrities, singers, models, both men and women, and also ordinary people are aspiring to have a great looking tan. Every time you watch celebrities on the big screen, awards night, television shows or commercials, they have this perfect glowing skin. And did you know that most of them achieve their bronze color […]

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Cleansing Tanned Face

It is important that you take care of your face even when it is already tanned. While this can be challenging since you do not want your tan to get ruined, you have to pick the right products and be familiar with the proper method for cleansing your tanned face.
These are some of the […]

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Spider Veins Solutions with Self Tanners

If you are having problems with the curse of varicose veins or spider veins, worry no more. There are a lots of affordable solutions available for you. One of the most used and inexpensive techniques is using self tanners to hide the veins. Self tanners can blur the appearance of the veins. Then there […]

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