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What is ultraviolet light?

We know that too much exposure to the sun will harm our skin. That is why Thermalabs has very effective sunless tanners and beach tents available on

What skin color is attractive?

Beauty is the eye of the beholder. Is that really the case? As our population grows, the gene pool for skin color widens. A study

Beach up homies

We can consider our generation now as the indoor-type. Or are they? Children and adults spend hours on the phone and computers playing games or

Its summer time

Its summer. You know what that means; tan, bikinis, surf, beach, early sunrise, and late sunset, and the days are longer and nights are shorter.

Exfoliate with a good nights sleep

There is really no need to introduce lavender. It is probably the one of the most common scent we experienced. From shampoos, detergents, and skin

Protect my sole, stick around

It is an innate instinct of every living being to protect their body parts, be clean, and attractive towards the opposite for reproduction. Early humans

Thermalabs Body Scrub

Shea and coconut(Part 1)

Nature finds it best to have things in pairs, like male and female. Thermalabs finds it best to combine two or more ingredients for the

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What is a beach?

As defined by National Geographic; a beach is a narrow, gently sloping strip of land that lies along the edge of an ocean or a


Food, water, and shelter. The basics needs. We can’t talk about food and water; this ain’t a cooking site. Shelter, we sell tents and let

Hair loss in women

Hairloss among men is devastating. But for a woman losing her hair; can’t find the words to beguile her. It is common to see bald


When you go to the beach there are two things you will first notice; sand and water. But you never pay much attention to the