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Tanning Care

Encouraging Tips for First Time Self Tanner Users

Tanning can be quite an appealing way to get your mojo. However, consistently exposing yourself to the sun’s rays can be harmful. That also counts for indoor tanning too. Sunbathing and indoor tanning have been known to be some of the most dangerous activities to be done. Why is that? Absorbing a lot of […]

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Proper Self Tanning: Skin Preparation and Quick Fixes

Self tanning is not an easy feat to consider when you want to get your tanning fix done. Normally, you’d opt for sunbathing or even indoor tanning as a means to get your tan. With how easy and straightforward it is, why wouldn’t you right? Sunbathing needs only the sun and some sunscreen while […]

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How to Fix Common Self Tanning Mistake

, When one thinks of tanning, you can’t picture anything unusual or as simple as sunbathing. That’s the common idea of getting tanned skin. If you’re not one who wants to get into tanning by lying down for hours on end under the sun, indoor tanning might be your taste. This […]

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“Protectan” Sunscreen: The Best Summer Sunscreen

One of the best things to look forward to when summer comes along is the very generous amount of sunshine. We have had our share of sunshine from spring but it's not as invigorating enough as summer. With summer, we can do a lot of things out and about. One of the best things […]

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Skin Problems to Watch Out for During Summer

Summer is the time to make the most of the sun. With so many activities outside, you’re bound to expose your skin to a lot of sun. In fact, one of the common skin problems to deal with during summer is sunburn. Sunburn can be mild to extreme which can lead to even more […]

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Can You Remove Tan Using Mango Pulp?

Getting tan takes a lot of work to achieve; all the more to keep it. It’s not surprising to find that a lot of individuals want to do their best in keeping a great tan. However, certain individuals can be dissuaded and want to get rid of their tan in the long run. There’s […]

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Teens and Tanning Issues You Should Know About

Tanning can be enjoyed by a wide range of individuals. It's not actually surprising that some teenagers would be interested in the fad. With prom just right around the corner, it's not surprising that adolescents are scampering around trying to get their share of the beloved tone.

There's nothing wrong with wanting a tan however […]

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The Many Uses of Coconut Oil (Bonus: Tanning)

Coconut has been dubbed as the tree of life. Not surprising as all of the tree's components are used to help uplift our lives. One of the most notable products from the coconut tree is the coconut oil. Coconut oil has been used in a lot of ways. If it's virgin coconut oil, it […]

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Health Risks of Unsafe Tanning

Tanning has gone through a lot of methods through the years. You'd be surprised to hear that there is actually an unsafe method to it. Surprisingly, this particular method is the most common one, sunbathing. Through the years, we've become accustomed to sunbathing as one of the easiest ways to get a tan. Unfortunately, […]

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Showering Tips after Using Self Tanners

You have probably got the most sought-after color of your skin, your tan! Absolutely you would want to make it slow-fading, right, but you can't resist to take showers all throughout the day. Do you know that your showering activity can affect the length of your tan? Yes. Actually, this has also become a […]

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