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Tanning Preparation

How to Prep Your Skin for Self Tanning on Spring

Spring a season that a lot of individuals anticipate. Not only is it the time to shed off the heavy layers of clothes or say good bye to the biting cold, it's the season to welcome a much colorful landscape. Spring is a big leap from the dreary landscape and climate. With the weather […]

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Pre-tanning Tips: Scrub Naturally with Walnuts and Almonds

Your skin is the largest organ of your body thus if you're not taking care of it, it can lead to a lot of complications. One of the most notable things about your skin is that it is the most visual part of your body. If you're not taking care of yourself or failing […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Skip the Scrub Before Self Tanning

Preparing the skin before getting a tan is very important. This actually creates the difference between getting a perfect tan and an ugly, streaking, uneven spots on your skin. Preparation depends on how soon you need that tan and the availability of skin care products that you want to use. But for now, we […]

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The Wonders of Coffee and Sugar to Exfoliate Before Tanning

There are lots of preparation to do when it comes to tanning your skin. You'll have prep your skin by exfoliating in order for your skin to be in the best condition before it bathes under the sun or indoors by using sunbeds. There are many products to choose from when you plan to […]

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How to Organize a Tanning Party

Having your body undergo a tanning treatment is great for the summer season. But, the process can be more fun with people to share the experience. This can be done by hosting your own tanning party. This can be a great way to gather up with some friends or family to enjoy the wonderful […]

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What to Love About Thermalabs Exfoliation Glove

Last December 2015, Thermalabs has launched the Exfoliating Gloves Pack . Thermalabs is well known for their high quality formulations and natural self-tanning products and we are very confident that our new cosmetic product will be as popular as the previous ones. Unlike other normal exfoliating gloves, Thermalabs ensures that this is one […]

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Self Tanner Tips: How To Prolong Your Tan

Summer time is fast coming and it won't be staying long. Most of us love to have that copper tan and while it is not possible to keep it forever, here are some tips you can do before, during and after sunbathing that could help prolong it.

Before going on a summer vacation:

Body Scrub/Exfoliate

Prolonged exposure […]

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Things to Look for in Exfoliating Gloves

Not all exfoliating gloves are made equal. Some are made better than others. Some are sturdier than others, while some break after the first use. Some gloves are extremely smooth, while some are very coarse.

Specifically, gloves made of organic and natural materials such as bamboo fiber, loofah, jute, and sisal are known to be […]

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Why Is It Important To Exfoliate Before Tanning

Times have changed and it is funny to think that back then, people would book a hotel room close to the beach just so they can eventually sun bathe and get their skin bronzed. The problem though is that the sun's ultra-violate rays can potentially harm the skin and even cause skin cancer and […]

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DIY Self Tanners from Your Kitchen

There is nothing wrong in desiring to get a tanned appearance especially during spring season and in fact, it would not hurt to visit a tanning salon even during winter. However, would it not be great if you need not visit a tanning salon just to get tanned? How about the idea of tanning […]

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