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Tanning Spray

What Are the Best Tanning Machines to Invest on This Season

Tanning has gone through drastic methods since it was discovered. Normally, we'd consider tanning done only by staying under the sun. However, with today's innovations; it's been a lot of additions to make tanning an easier experience. Aside from the usual sunbathing, indoor tanning has become quite a hit to the community. However, it's […]

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Preparation Tips Before Spray Tanning Session

Tanning is a common pastime during summer. It's no surprise since this season is bringing the heat into town. With the much higher climate to put up with, a lot of people tend to ease out on the thicker clothes and even opt to spend as much time by the sea. So it's no […]

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How Can Spray Tanning Boost Your Confidence

Before tanning became a normal practice, it was well associated with celebrities, models and social elites. You see them on tv ads, fashion magazines and even on movies. Well, they have the money and time to go to exotic vacation spots and sunbathe all they want. But as time goes by, the practice of […]

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5 Tips to Maintaining a Good Spray Tan

It is important that you follow the following tips when it comes to maintaining your fabulous bronzed skin.

Tip 1: Did you know that following care tips before a tanning session come a long way in terms of keeping your tanned skin glowing great? Exfoliating 8 hours before spray tanning is a must, the same […]

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Safety Tips for Spray Tanning


A lot of tanning enthusiasts wonder if the newly introduced spray tan entails any risks with regard to the skin. While there are a lot of individuals out there who enjoy flaunting their tanned skin, they are conscious of the process' effect on their skins. Therefore the majority tend to go for self-tanners as […]

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Steps for Easy Spray Tanning at Home

While tanning salons are still being frequently visited by tanning enthusiasts, a growing number of people are now realizing the benefits of utilizing spray tanning techniques. Spray tanning at home is gradually becoming the go-to method of people who enjoy flaunting their bronzed body. If you are one of those individuals who love to […]

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Spray Tanning: Skin Preparation and Application

There are a number of things that you should know if you plan to get your skin tanned. For one, skin naturally replaces its dead skin cells every 28 days and 25% of the skin is exfoliated every week which eventually removes UV induced tan. Though there is what is called sunless spray tanning […]

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Self Tanning Tips: Spray Tan Before And After Care

Many believe that having a tanned skin look desirable hence some people make an effort to get their skin tanned in various ways. On the other hand, some prefer to utilize tanning sprays to tan their skins and for good reason. Self tanning is not only convenient but it saves you a lot of […]

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Common Self Tanning Spray Mistakes to Avoid

A lot of people find tanned skin people exotic and appealing hence there are a lot who are so eager to find ways to get themselves tanned. Some people would go as far as going to the beach as often as they can to sunbathe so as to achieve that much desired tanned look, […]

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Tips In Choosing The Best Self-Tanning Spray

A lot of people are obsessed in getting that tanned look and are willing to go as far as go to tanning salons on a weekly basis just to have that tanned complexion. However, not all people have the luxury of time to visit tanning salons to get tanned hence self-tanning spray products are […]

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