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tanning stain

How To Remove Self Tanner Stains From Your Bedsheet

Self tanners have become quite a staple in the tanning industry. It's gained quite the traction after the findings that the known ways of tanning is actually hazardous. If you didn't know, consistent exposure to the sun's UV rays or even the usage of UV rays in indoor tanning can cause skin damage.

In fact, […]

By |August 17th, 2017|Blog|0 Comments

How To Remove Self Tanner Stains From Your Bathroom

Self tanners is the healthiest way to get a tan. Not surprising as sunbathing and indoor tanning have been proven to cause a lot of harm. If you're not familiar why, it's due to the UV rays. Tanned skin is the result of skin damage from exposure to the UV rays. Additionally, too much […]

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