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Tanning Tips

Safe Ways to Tan This Summer

The days are surely getting warmer and warmer. It’s not surprising as summer is upon us. With days full of sunshine and warm days to experience, one can’t help but dress enough to be modest for the humid days. One of the common places to be during the summer is at the beach and […]

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How To Avoid Over Makeup Application After Self Tanning

Putting on makeup is one of the best ways to look better with yourself. It’s not surprising as makeup has become the most appreciated way to accentuate one’s beauty. Recently, makeup has been a companion to tanned skin. Normally, you don’t want to mix one with the other as putting makeup on a tanned […]

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How to Ensure Even Self Tanning for Your Face and Body

Tanning is already an appealing approach to be more beautiful. With so many methods to uplift one’s look, tanning has still kept its place as one of the most sought after approach to a makeover. Unfortunately, recent years have brought flak on sunbathing and indoor tanning. This is due to the rise of skin […]

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Bridal Skincare Tips to Tan Your Skin

Weddings will always be a very big occasion to any individual. It's also one of the most stressful events no matter how much you've prepped for it. There's a lot to consider if you're part of the entourage or the marrying couple themselves. While one can stress about the flower arrangements and the color […]

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Is Self-Tanned Skin Low Maintenance?

Self tanners is the healthiest approach to getting one's tan. With the absence of the sun or even UV rays, you put yourself on a better stance. Tanning through sunbathing or indoor tanning has been found to heighten the chances of skin cancer. It's due to these methods that skin cancer has risen to […]

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Lipstick Colors to Match Self-Tanned Skin

Having a tan is not a handicap to looking your best. In fact, a tan should help you look your best. While there are various ways to get one's tan, the healthiest option is to use self tanners. Self tanners do not rely on the sun or UV rays to give your skin the […]

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Tips to Achieve Bronzed Skin for Valentine

Valentines is a day we want to look our best. If not for our family and friends but for our significant other. While we can don a nice set of nice clothes or do a makeover, it might not be enough to feel good with ourselves. One of the best ways to make a […]

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Beauty Products to Avoid after Self Tanning

Getting the perfect tanned skin has become quite a goal. While we opt to get our tans through sunbathing or indoor tanning, these methods have become quite hazardous as the years have passed. This leaves us with self tanning as the optimal method. Self tanning is very picky. It's the healthiest option to get […]

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Using Self Tanners to Look Good This Christmas

Trying to look your best is one of the ideal outcomes for any occasion. It's even a big need when it comes to Christmas. Christmas is a big celebration that a lot of us are looking forward to. With the promise of bountiful food as well as family and friends to celebrate it with, […]

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Best Winter Clothing after Self Tanning

Self tanning is the healthiest method to get one's tan. For the wintry months, indoor tanning is a common option to get your tanning fix. However, with the widespread news of how indoor tanning can cause you harm has certainly created an impact on how you tan. If you're not familiar, it's been proven […]

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