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Best Thermalabs Self Tanners to Try

Self-tanning is the healthiest approach to getting a tan. Normally, you’d want to get your tan through sunbathing and indoor tanning. Not surprising as these

Winter Wedding Day Spray Tan Tips

Tanning can be quite an odd thing to do especially with the days getting colder and colder. It’s quite odd to see someone sporting a

Halloween Uses of Self Tanners

Halloween is a great time to deck out a special look. While the norm may be to get your spooky costumes out, it’s also a

Summer Tips to Enjoy Your Getaway

Summer is the best season to relax. It’s the season where a lot of individuals opt to get their vacation done and book their time

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Exfoliation using a rug

In relation to previous article, let us now dive deeper into sisal and sute. More about Jute “Jute” is the plant or fiber used to

The loofah and the skin

Imagine scrubbing your skin with hard pressure using wood. That will remove dead skin cells; exfoliate. However, your skin would send an “ouch” signal to

Scrubbing the dead skin away

Every tanner knows that there is a need to exfoliate before applying the tanning lotion or spray. However, exfoliation is not just for tanners. It

Choosing your spray machine

Everybody wants to look and feel attractive. Some feel good when having a good hair day. We have talked about getting a home tan using