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Tanning Tools

The Rewards and Drawback of Tanning Pills

Tanning has gone through a wide range of methods through the years. Ever since it has been discovered by merely staying out too long under the sun, it's become quite the sensationalized beauty trend. As this beauty trend has survived through various decades, methods of trying to get a tan have also evolved.

We've known […]

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Tanning Addicts

Have yourself a merry little Christmas as the popular Christmas song goes, but how about if you change it a little bit and make it Have your friend and merry, happy Christmas ? This is very easy to make it possible especially if your friend is a tanning aficionado. There are lot of […]

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Tan Tablets / Pillsa�� Safe or not Safe?

With tanning going through a drastic change through the aid of technology, it's no surprise that we've come across various manners of tanning without the aid of a sun. The most famous way to get yourself a sunless tan, or fake tan to some, is using self tanners. Self tanners are applied directly to […]

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How to Organize a Tanning Party

Having your body undergo a tanning treatment is great for the summer season. But, the process can be more fun with people to share the experience. This can be done by hosting your own tanning party. This can be a great way to gather up with some friends or family to enjoy the wonderful […]

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Self Tanner Tips: How To Prolong Your Tan

Summer time is fast coming and it won't be staying long. Most of us love to have that copper tan and while it is not possible to keep it forever, here are some tips you can do before, during and after sunbathing that could help prolong it.

Before going on a summer vacation:

Body Scrub/Exfoliate

Prolonged exposure […]

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Self Tanning Perks: Enjoy The Summer Glow All Year Through

Who cares about the weather as long as you're feeling good about your skin? Tanning knows no season. In fact, it's an accomplishment to have a bronzed skin from self-tanners all year through!

The good thing about using self tanners to achieve a summer glow is that your skin doesn't get damaged from the sun. […]

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Steps for Easy Spray Tanning at Home

While tanning salons are still being frequently visited by tanning enthusiasts, a growing number of people are now realizing the benefits of utilizing spray tanning techniques. Spray tanning at home is gradually becoming the go-to method of people who enjoy flaunting their bronzed body. If you are one of those individuals who love to […]

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Self Tanning Trick: Using Back Applicator

One of the most frustrating problems of a self tanning lover is to reach the hard-to-reach areas of the body, like the back, when applying self tanning solutions. Of course, with the help of others, it is possible. But don't you worry now because this self tanning accessory will wash away your frustrations and […]

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Can Excessive Tanning Be an Addiction?

Every girl wants to have a bronze glow. Since tanning has evolved, lots of different tanning methods have evolved too. Sun bathing, other sunless tanning processes and products emerged due to the hazardous effect of sunbathing directly under the sun, mainly skin cancer. Lots of tanning beds and tanning salons came out to satisfy […]

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Tips On How To Properly Apply Sunless Tanners

Sunless tanners are gradually replacing conventional tanning method like going to the beach for a sunbathing or visiting the local tanning salon. Furthermore, the sun's UV rays can lead to drying of skin and at the worst, skin cancer. Though sunless tanners have proven to be very effective and efficient in delivering the service […]

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