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Tanning Towelettes

Why Is It Good to Start with Thermalabs Self-Tanning Towelettes

Tanning has become quite a sought after beauty complement. Not only does it provide a good coverage for your skin but you can effectively hide your flaws without doing too much work. However, it's also important to understand that not all methods of getting a tan is safe. Sunbathing and indoor tanning have been […]

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Best Things about Self-Tanning Towelettes

With how much detrimental it is to stay under the sun too long, it's no surprise many individuals have begun to shift their methods of tanning elsewhere. Usually, individuals make the most out of the warmer days to bask about under the sun or to drive to their favorite tanning salon for the much […]

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Tanorexia – Self Tanning Addiction

Tanorexia is a medical condition that describes tanners who are very much obsessed with sun tanning, tanning beds, or other tanning methods. It is derived from the two words tan' and anorexia'. Anorexia is an emotional disorder characterized by an obsessive desire to lose weight while tanorexia is an obsessive desire to […]

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How to Determine Your Skin Tone


Determining your skin tone before applying anything on your skin is essential. It helps you choose the appropriate color of makeup, lipstick or cosmetics you apply on your skin to make you look natural. Or if you are planning to contour through a self tanner, you will not regret it because you know it […]

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User Reviews of Thermalabsa�� Glow2Go Self Tanning

Self tanners have grown popular these days because of how efficient they are when it comes to getting your skin bronzed. In fact, different self tanning products continuously get manufactured to cater to the growing market of people who desire to get tanned in any given season. And one of the best and reliable […]

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Thermalabs Self Tanning Towelettes Application Tips

Get the most from Thermalabs Self Tanning Towelettes!

Not everyone is familiar with how tan towellettes are properly used to get you that bronzed skin that you have been aspiring to get. The good news is that you do not have to be a genius to learn how to properly apply a tan towellette to […]

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Facts About Thermalabs Premium Wipes – #1 Best Selling Tanning Towelettes

There are a lot of self tanning product out there being sold in the market and even though the holiday seasons' over, people still want to retain their bronzed skin. And one of the most reliable alternatives to achieve this is by using Thermalabs' premium wipes or towelettes. Thermalab towellettes come in two sizes; […]

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How To Effectively Use A Self-Tanning Towelette

Tanning towelettes are moist towelettes that are foil-sealed in a package to ensure that the tanning solution content of the towelettes is fresh. They basically come in two sizes; there are small ones for tanning touch ups and large towelettes when it comes to full body tanning. Though a lot of people are unfamiliar […]

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Facts and Tips About Tanning Towelettes

There are a number a lot of tanning products being sold in the market these days and one of these products that have been gradually proving its effectiveness is what is referred to as a tanning towelette. So what are the things that you should know about tanning towelettes?

Best Application: The fact of the […]

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How To Prevent Freckles When Tanning

Freckles appear on the skin due to sun and tanning. They usually appear as tan-colored circular spots that occasionally overlap the skin and tend to be noticeable on the skin of fair-skinned individuals. And this is bad news for those who desire to get a tanned look by going through tanning sessions in a […]

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