Tan Tablets / Pillsa�� Safe or not Safe?

With tanning going through a drastic change through the aid of technology, it’s no surprise that we’ve come across various manners of tanning without the aid of a sun. The most famous way to get yourself a sunless tan, or fake tan to some, is using self tanners. Self tanners are applied directly to your skin to get you the much needed bronze shade.

Another way to getting the desired tan without the aid of a sun would be using tan tablets. It might be a little difficult to think that we can now get a tan through oral intake of various pills. These pills actually have carotenoids, which are nature’s natural dyes; additionally these dyes range from red to yellow. The compound Canthanxanthin is behind the coloration of your skin; chances are you might get a deep brown tan or a more orange color from the intake of pills.

Tan pills are quite a new addition to the approaches of tanning and unfortunately there’s little information behind the exact compound to give you the perfect shade of brown. While they are the most convenient approach to tanning, they might not be the best choice on the market.

tablets-1001224_1280Tanning pills actually incite various ailments in your body, especially if you’re not careful. While the FDA doesn’t mind having canthanzanthin used in food. Tan tablets have more than the recommended amount incorporated into them. Having over the desired amount can cause liver and skin damage from consistent intake of tan tablets.

Another concern would be the high concentration of amino acid tyrosine that is also present in tan tablets, and even tanning enhancers. A high dosage of this compound can cause headache, heartburn and joint pains.

There’s little information about tan tablets or tanning pills and due to that, it can be a risk to use them as an alternative to sunbathing. Convenient as they might be, you may end up spending more money on healing the damages down by these pills. A good alternative to sunless tanning would have to be using self tanners as they are topically applied thus don’t cause internal damage. Additionally, since they are applied on your skin you can easily remove the tan with little difficulty, if needed.

Science has done a lot of breakthroughs in our society, especially on the aspects of avoiding UV ray exposure for getting a tan. Sometimes the most convenient methods might not be the best ones so it’s best to look into something before jumping right into it. |98)|w3c(