Tanning Basics: All About Sunless Tanning

Beautiful woman relaxing in tub and taking a bathSunless tanners have grown extremely popular these days that even those who regularly go to the beach to sunbathe and get their skin bronzed also utilize fake tanners at some point. If you are planning to switch from your old method of tanning into the more reliable sunless tanning method then there are a number of things that you should primarily know first.

  • How It Works: Sunless tanners’ ingredients include a chemical called dihydroxyacetone which is responsible for dyeing the dead skin cells of the human body. After applying the tanning solution on your body, it will last for at least a week or so before you need to reapply an ample amount of your tanning solution.
  • Tanning Pills: Health professionals discourage the use of sunless tanning pills because it contains the color additive called canthaxantin which can potentially harm your skin, specifically your liver. In addition, taking too much sunless tanning pills which contain this chemical can eventually turn your skin brown and also cause hives and impair your vision.
  • Is Sunless Tanning Safe?: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of dihydroxyacetone for external applications but reminds users to refrain from applying tanning solutions on areas around the eyes, the mouth or the nose. And this can be an issue if you are using tanning sprays hence there are companies who have manufactured tanning mitts to help people apply tan on such sensitive areas. A good example of a tanning mitt specifically designed to address this problem is Thermalabs’ Ultimitt, the ultimate mitt. It comes along with a finger mitt or mini mitt which you can use to apply tan on areas surrounding the eyes, nose and mouth without putting those body parts at risk of getting stained with a tanning solution. Thermalabs’ Ultimitt is also durable and offers a one year guarantee which gives the user more opportunity to use it without the need to replace it anytime soon. In addition to the mini mitt, the Ultimitt also comes with a poly bag where you can keep the tanning mitt secured. In addition to these things, Thermalabs’ Ultimitt is large enough to fit anyone’s hands and can be worn in any way. Because of its size, it covers more area which makes it easier and faster for you to apply the tanning solution without causing streaks.

Self-tanners are likely to stay until a new means for people to get bronzed get introduced but with things looking as they are now, self-tanners will continue to be the go-to means of tanning by most people. t>