Tanning beds VS tanning creams

Well, it is cold outside, some snow falling. Not much sun during winter but it should not stop us from getting that sexy look. Nobody said it is illegal to put on that sexy red dress.

Though not much activity outside but life goes on inside the four walls of the gym, office, coffee shops, and shopping malls. It is cold outside and you wear layers of clothing that cover your entire body. After you get into your office, voila! Heaters. You will now take off those extra layers of clothing and show some skin like it is not winter.

People would expect pale white skin. Quite rational to expect; no sun and no beach. But would turn their heads around, besides you looking pretty? A glowing beautiful bronzed skin on a winter, be at the office, gym, or just walking around the mall. Unusual and direct contrast to the season. Thus, a head turner.

Tanning beds or Tanning lotions?

With tanning salons, you have to spend time and take effort to get there. You put on your bikinis, lay on the bed, close the lid and turn on the lights. While this may work for some but not for claustrophobics.

Research shows that two-thirds of melanoma are from some form of ultraviolet rays, whether it is artificial from the sun. Tanning beds emit an intense concentration of ultraviolet rays. That is more ultraviolet rays than standing out in the sun. That is why tanning lotions are a safer alternative. The tanning ingredients work on the top later of the skin causing the protein to turn brown or darken.

To balance the topic, there are also complaints about tanning lotions. Some say they make an uneven skin tan, orange skin, does not last long, clothing stains, and the chemicals can damage your skin.  All that is not an issue with Thermalabs.

For starters, they have their own tanning lotion applicators and mitts. This would ensure an even distribution of the tanning cream and avoid spills or waste. Believe me, I tried. Their finger mitts allow you to reach small corners of your face, like your nose.

For Thermalabs’ tanning lotions, stains are not a problem. It is simply machine washable. No big deal. Done!

Thermalabs’ tanning lotions are made from all natural organic ingredients; avocado oil, Olive oil, Shea butter, Cocoa seed butter and aloe leaf juice! Now that all natural! No toxic chemicals compared to other conventional tanners out there in the market.

An overnight application assures that your streak-free and sun-kissed glow will last up to 2 weeks.

How tanning lotions work

Proteins in the skin have high contents of certain amino acids. The ingredients reach with these amino acids to produce pigments that resemble an artificial brown or golden tan.

In recent years, tanning lotions were originally known for their unnaturally orange results. Today’s products, like Thermalabs’ Golden Standard, products give a more natural looking brown or golden hue. Now you can flaunt that bronze skin whatever season it is! Check on the links below for more tanning products.