Tanning Devices Market Professional Survey

Tanning has certainly become quite a beauty trend. The methods of achieving it has certainly diversified through the years and it’s only branching out as we look further into how the industry will develop in the later years.

Technology has aided in giving us various equipment. While sunbathing still remains to be the most ideal method of getting a tan due to how cost-effective it is, it’s been dissuaded by various individuals due to the harm it can bring. Indoor tanning, this means using tanning beds and tanning showers, are also grouped in the hazardous methods of tanning. With the rise of skin cancer due to the usage of UV rays to change the tone of your skin, the appeal of tanning beds and showers may drop in the latter years.

Additionally, indoor tanning has been known to speed up premature aging of your skin as well as cause sunburn due to overexposure. While it may be an ideal alternative to getting some sun’ on the cold and wintry days, indoor tanning has become a hazardous alternative to sunbathing.

Moving forward, there are also oral and injectable methods to tanning however there’s little to no research done on how effective and how safe they are for usage. Inducing chemicals to change your skin tone or even injecting them sounds like a recipe for things to go wrong with your body.

Thus this makes self tanning as one of the most viable options for tanning despite the various innovations to getting a tan. To add further appeal to self tanners, a lot of the products in this branch of tanning has been made to cater to a lot of individuals and skin types. This is good news for those who can’t take a lot of the sun and want to avoid ingesting unknown chemicals into their system.

Contrary to what we believe in, tanned skin is a result of the sun’s damage. This means that sporting a tan means showcasing how damaged your skin has been due to being exposed to harm. Self tanners are a great choice to getting the summer glow without having to worry about doing harm to your skin. However, if that is a difficult transition for your case, slowly taking out the sunbathing or indoor tanning schedules would be ideal. Try to make use of a self tanner that works well with your skin and sports the shade of tan you’d like to have. (gt|lk)|tcl