Tanning Inspiration: Celebrities with Gorgeous Tan

paris hiltonLots of celebrities, singers, models, both men and women, and also ordinary people are aspiring to have a great looking tan. Every time you watch celebrities on the big screen, awards night, television shows or commercials, they have this perfect glowing skin. And did you know that most of them achieve their bronze color from self tanning products like lotions, gels, mousse, towelettes and spray tan?

Celebrities’ main reasons for using self tanning products are: they look healthier with tan than when pale; they look thinner and sexier; self tan can help them conceal their skin blemishes; self tanning products are easier to use and much safer than the sun and tanning beds.

Here are famous Hollywood celebrities and stars who have mastered their sun-kissed glow without even going under the sun. Get some scoop about their favorite spray tanning methods.

  • Paris Hilton

Paris, a fore-front of faux tanning due to her passion for tanning, she even bought her own airbrush tanning machine. She got an assistant and had her trained on how to use it.

  • Kim Kardashian

Kim wearing an A-line and backless tube gown reveals her great looking tan. It was reported that she gets her glow by spray tanning.

  • Jessica Alba

jessica albaJessica loves to use a natural bronzing spray tan with essential oil and anti-oxidants which make her glow all year round. She uses a high slit gown or hanging blouse and jeans, you can’t resist her adorable and streak-free tan.

  • Kate Hudson

New York City is not quite warm but it doesn’t mean you can’t have a pretty tan anymore. Kate revealed that her faux glow came from spray tanning.

  • Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer, a famous sunbather, professed she had switched to spray tan because she noticed sun damage slowly appearing in her skin. Jen admits she’s using spray tans now and wears serious sunblock.

  • Ashley Greene

Ashley wearing a V-neck shirt, jeans and boots, was seen in spray tan spot. She was obviously done with her spray tanning session walking confidently on the aisle.

  • Anna Paquin

Anna, a vampire on True Blood, expressed her obsession with spray tans. She looks gorgeous whatever she wears with her bronzed skin.

  • Paula Abdul

Paula was also spotted in a tanning spot in New York and customized her skin with airbrush tans. Together with other celebrities, Paula loves to keep on coming back to keep her good looking tan.

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