Tanning Tips and Care for Sensitive Skin


A lot of people enjoy the beauty of tanned skin. With its ability to help define your body, no wonder tanning is a rave in the cosmetics industry. However, it can be a downside to have sensitive skin.

How to do a tan with my sensitive skin?

Teenage girl sitting on the floor cryingOne’s sensitive skin is a great hurdle to enjoying the wide selection of cosmetics and even tanning itself. Staying out in the sun is not an option as you do expire quickly and cause irritation. Heat is definitely a bad mix with this skin type. Tanning beds are definitely a no-go for individuals who have sensitive skin and suffer from eczema, psoriasis and the like.

What are the alternatives?

There’s no need to stress over being unable to tan under the sun or missing out on the UV ray distribution from tanning beds and tanning salons. The best way to go would be to make use of self-tanners.

Self-tanners make sure that you get the nice bronze color without having to undergo the torment of UV rays. You’re also able to get an even tan since you’re able to control just how much of the self-tanner you can apply on yourself. This does beat having to stand or lie down for hours on end. With the aid of self-tanners, you might even cut down on expenses from electricity or gas from the trip towards your tanning salon.

However, we’ll have to remember that not all self-tanners are compatible with sensitive skin. Self-tanners can have chemicals that might cause irritation or worse, damage that can no longer be aided with medication. It’s always good to be vigilant with what products you buy or to do a skin test.

The ideal self-tanner for my skin type

While we can’t go around the grocery and pick out any self-tanner off the shelf, Thermalabs has got it covered for you. You might be wondering why it’s an ideal choice to sensitive skin; this is because of the natural and organic choice of ingredients in their products. With the promise of this kind of products, you can rest assured that you won’t be lathering yourself in unknown chemicals.

You’re not only getting an organic and skin-sensitive self-tanner but you’re preventing yourself from further exposure to UV rays, which cause cancer in the long run. Who said that sensitive skin can’t enjoy a nice tan? With the radical breakthrough in skin care, Thermalabs has its share of products to aid you in getting the bronze color you’ve been dreaming of.