Tanning Tips for Christmas Parties

Tanning during the winter days can be quite a complicated act. Topped with the very hectic schedule of getting your share of gifts and the bountiful amount of food to chow on, just when is the appropriate time to really pamper yourself? Keeping a tan while the days are getting colder and colder is quite a feat. This is where self-tanning comes in.

Self-tanning doesn’t rely on the sun or tanning beds, to get your skin the much-needed bronze shade. In fact, self-tanning has been acclaimed to be the safest form of tanning since you’re not exposing yourself to UV rays in order to get your skin to darken. Though some may call it a fake tan, self-tanners pave the way for you to tan safely. If you’ve been going to your local tanning salon as of late, self-tanners also diminish the expenses of your travel!

While sporting a tan is great and a great eye-catcher during Christmas parties, there are some things you’ll want to remember.

Since it’s quite cold outside, your skin tends to be drier than usual. If you’re hoping to apply some self-tanner during this time, you’ll want to exfoliate your skin before application. Exfoliation is an important step before application. You may also want to treat yourself for this season. The constant cold climate added to the stress can also cause problems for your skin.

If you’re hoping to look your best with your tan, you’ll want to set a schedule of when you’re applying it. Over time, self-tanner tans can fade and if you’re not careful you might also have uneven tan spots here and there. The best time to tan for your big event would be two to three days ahead. Remember to leave some time to exfoliate and relax before doing so.

Last but definitely not least; remember that the shade of your tan matters. While we’re usually accustomed to very saturated self-tanning cases, for this season you’ll want to avoid that. Since most of the colors for winter are either pale or white, having a really strong tan might catch all kinds of attention. A good way around this would be to try out on the right shade of tan for this season. A much richer bronze tone can go a long way and is also ideal to match certain colors for the Christmas look.

No matter what season it is, self-tanners will always aid you on getting the tan that you need. Best be careful on the application or you’ll end up not enjoying your holidays in the long run.