Tanorexic Chronicles (Story Of Tanning Addict)

Beauty is determined by a lot of factors and comes in all shapes and sizes. While one’s definition of beauty might not be the same as another’s, there are always some similarities that definitions boil down to. It’s no surprise that much individuals, be it man or woman, chase the wonders of beauty.

This is one of the reasons why individuals can get addicted to tanning. Tanning gives you the chance to hide the flaws of your body by giving you a darker tone. Not only that but consistent exposure to vitamin D gives you a boost on dopamine, which is a feel good hormone. With these two factors in mind, it’s no surprise to hear about tan addictions.

pexels-photo-14104While this may sound like a trivial concern, tanning is a serious business. Constant exposure to the sun, or UV rays for that matter, can cause skin cancer. Skin cancer has risen up to be the fourth most common cancer in our society and the numbers are just piling up every year.

One of the leading causes of skin cancer is sunbathing. Picture this; you’re constantly lazing under the sun with the minimal protection that a sunscreen can provide over a long duration. Sunscreen is a great defense against UV rays but they are not the mightiest. It’s always encouraged to keep yourself covered or to stay in the shade if you’re hoping to spend some time outdoors.

A person with a fair complexion and light colored eyes is more susceptible to getting skin cancer due to the low melanin makes one more sensitive to the sun. More sensitivity means more damage from a simple sunbathing session, or even from your tanning bed schedules.

If you’re one of the few individuals who’s very much into tanning, you may want to switch to another method of getting your tan. With the huge leaps in technology, it’s no surprise that even the skin care industry has its share. Self tanners has become a better approach to tanning due to the sunless approach. In fact, certain self tanners are quite beneficial, providing your skin with the nutrients to ensure that you’re sporting a healthy looking summer glow.

So, the next time your dermatologist tells you to cover up, you might want to take their words to heart. With how hot the world has become, it can be quite a difficult task to fight against Mother Nature. To ensure lesser chances in getting the bane of cancer, you’ll need to stick to the shade as well as bring along your trusty sunscreen for outdoor trips.