Teens and Tanning Issues You Should Know About

Tanning can be enjoyed by a wide range of individuals. It’s not actually surprising that some teenagers would be interested in the fad. With prom just right around the corner, it’s not surprising that adolescents are scampering around trying to get their share of the beloved tone.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a tan however there are unhealthy ways of getting your share of the tan.

There are numerous ways to tan namely through sunbathing, using a tanning bed and self tanners. Teenagers have sensitive skin thus prolonged exposure on the two aforementioned methods could lead to harm instead of a good tanning experience.

Through the recent years, a lot of individuals have dissuaded the practice of sunbathing as well as the usage of tanning beds or tanning showers.

Why is this the case?

Sunbathing exposes your body to copious amounts of the sun’s UV rays. While you may think that sunscreen is a good defense against these rays, that doesn’t stop the chances of raising your risk in getting melanoma, a very aggressive form of skin cancer. In fact, skin cancer ranks as the top 4 cancer on the list making it quite a serious threat.

Indoor tanning is not even a safe option and could be much deadlier than sunbathing itself. This is due to the concern that indoor tanning is more concentrated.

Not only do these methods cause a lot of harm but they also encourage premature aging, wrinkles and permanent skin damage. If teens get hooked on these methods of tanning, it can only spell harm for them.

The ideal way to get one’s tanning fix, especially for teens, would be to make use of self tanners. While they have been dubbed as fake tans since they don’t make use of anything that’s related to the sun, this approach to tanning doesn’t put you at risk on anything. And that also means no worries on getting sunburn.

Although self tanning might be more complicated compared to the two known methods, using tanning lotions actually helps your skin out. A good example would be Thermalabs wherein their self tanners are crafted from organic ingredients thus you can be sure you’re also pampering your skin.

If that doesn’t get a teen going, self tanning also aids in contouring one’s body. This means you can skip some days off from working out without having to worry about not looking your best.