The Benefits of Sunless Tanner

Full open suitcase on tropical beach background

Sunless tanning products have grown popular to the point that countless people prefer to stay at home to get their skin bronzed rather than drive out of town to the nearest beach or tanning salon. But did you know that sunless tanners not only offer the convenience of being able to get tanned at home but more than this?

  • Avoid Sunburn: A lot of people have learned not to fall asleep while bathing under the sun the hard way. Painful sunburns and uneven tan are but a few of the things that tanning enthusiasts have experienced because of falling asleep under the sun’s harmful rays. And since sunless tanners can be used indoors to get the results you are looking for, there is no need to risk getting sunburned.
  • Avoid Skin Diseases: The US Public Health Service has warned tanning enthusiasts that getting exposed too much to the ultra-violet rays that you get while lying on a tanning bed can potentially cause melanoma which is one of the deadliest skin cancers. In addition, sun lamps and sun beds use carcinogens which are also not healthy for the body. Using a self-tanner keeps you away from this danger.
  • Premature Skin Aging: While there is a number of ways to moisturize your skin, frequent tanning under the sun or frequent visits to your tanning salon can still cause your skin to age. Do not underestimate ultra-violet rays and the more you can avoid getting exposed to too much of it the better. While utilizing a sunless tanner can still dry the skin, you are still able to better manage.
  • No Tan Lines: Another great advantage of using sunless tanners is that you do not need to worry about tan lines that you normally get after sunbathing on the beach. You can simply tan the way you want yourself to be tanned, to your contentment.
  • Only Option: The truth is that not all people have the complexion that will work well with tanning hence it is visible to everyone that their tan is unnatural. Sunless tanners solve this problem with their natural effect.
  • No Freckles and Wrinkles: Though there are people out there who do not mind having freckles, those who do mind have the option to keep those freckles less visible through the help of sunless tanners.

These are only a few of the many benefits that sunless tanners offer to tanning enthusiasts and those who are planning to try tanning. Thermalabs gives you different tanning options. We recommend ULTIMITT tanning mitt for those who love traveling and need instant tan without the damaging of the sun’s rays!