The Contouring Trend Using Self Tanners

Tanning is quite a unique beauty aid. While the usual thought of getting a tan is through the means of baking your skin under the sun’s rays is the normal picture of tanning, the newer method to tanning would be quite a treat for you. With the prospect of getting skin cancer through sunbathing and tanning beds has risen through the years, the alternative approach to tanning is through self tanners. While it may have been dubbed as fake tan to some, it’s been proven to be the more ideal method to tanning. With skin cancer or melanoma being the top 4 on the cancer list, it’s no surprise that self tanners are a good choice.

The new trend with self tanners is using it as a contouring agent. Unlike the conventional ways of tanning, with the aid of self tanners, you can actually shape your tan. Tanning gives you an overall coverage but being able to manage how it looks does give a lot of advantages. In fact, this was a method that Kyle Jenner was quite fond of and it’s also due to her efforts did it come to light.

One method to applying a contour with your self tanner is using a spray tan. With the aid of an airbrush and a compressor, you can draw your tan much like how make up is used as a contouring agent to highlight your features. It’s best to practice beforehand as you don’t want to ending up with a messy tan.

Another way would be to rely on make up brushes as a medium to contouring your tan. Since most self tanners have a consistency such as lotion, you can treat tanners like a bronzer. Apply the concoction on areas that should be darker and evenly spread from there. It’s like makeup only it doesn’t wash off as easily as you’d think.

If you don’t have an airbrush or the usual make up brushes, not to worry; much like how make up is done, contouring your tan is possible with the aid of a tanning mitt and slowly dabbing the tan onto your skin. Be careful of certain areas such as your knees and your elbows as they can soak up a lot of the self tanner and cause them to be darker than your overall tone.

Whichever way you’re going to use, contouring with the aid of a self tanner can surely bring out a better look to your tan. sk\