The Difference Between Men and Women’s Self Tanning Approach

Tanning is an activity that a lot of individuals enjoy. No matter what your gender is, tanning is a universal approach to looking better. From sunbathing to being inside a tanning bed, as well as applying some tanning lotion; trying to get the bronze hue has shifted a lot. However, when it comes to being a frequent tanning individual, you’d be surprise at the stark truth of this activity.

When it comes to tanning, you’d think that women would dominate this field. Based on a new study, men tend to get their tanning fix from tanning salons. These cases are due to the hypersensitivity of this sex at how they look as well as trying to look their best right after a gym.

When it comes to tanning women like to conduct their tanning in a clean, modest space. The cost is also a heavy factor on the chances of tanning. Most women are quite acute to their skin thus would lean to relying on self tanners once they know that indoor tanning and sunbathing can cause a lot of harm. Due to that sensitivity of how their tanning method will affect their body on the long run, women easily turn to self tanners. Additionally, it was a woman who made contouring using self tanners a thing, namely Kim Kardashian. Thus said, women tend to be very picky when it comes to tanning thus wouldn’t be too afraid to try self tanning out.

Men on the other hand aren’t too picky. In most cases, they would opt to get their tanning in the gym or at home. Much of their tanning involves accentuating their body, which can mean deeper tones to chiselled muscles. Due to the inconvenience of self tanners, they may opt not to use this product and rely heavily on indoor tanning as a means to tan. Due to how complex self tanning is and the chances of making mistakes, men may avert this method. Much of the self tanning products also appears to be marketed for women which can deter a lot of men.

This isn’t true for everyone as it can be the opposite scenario to some individuals. In the long run, using a self tanner would benefit both genders as being a healthier approach to tanning. Additionally, self tanners can aid in contouring one’s body thus guys can make a better output by using them instead. |sk\