The Importance of Moisturizing Skin After Tanning

Moisturizing the skin after tanning is very important especially during the winter season wherein people’s skin tend to dry up faster. The thing is that the cold climate tends to block the production of natural oil from the skin hence people’s skin easily dry up during this time of the year. There are three big reasons why it is important to moisturize the skin after it gets tanned:

Hydration ‘ Moisture is important to keep the skin healthy and youthful looking. The skin’s natural oil basically serves as some form of protective coating especially against the sun’s harmful rays and foreign substance. And tanning can occasionally drain the moisture out of the skin which can make it susceptible to dryness.

Extends Lifespan of Tan ‘ At the same time, keeping the skin hydrated through the use of skin moisturizers extends the lifespan of the tan applied on the skin. The thing with dry skin is that when it becomes dry, it becomes flaky and when it becomes flaky, it tends to take some of the tan on the skin along with it when it peels off.

Reduce Aging ‘ Aging is inevitable but people who have dry skin are more prone to display signs of aging and this is because of lack of moisture in the skin that tanning sometimes takes away. That is why it is very important to get the skin moisturized after getting it tanned so that the skin will not easily become dry which helps keep the longevity of the skin.

Some Moisturizing Methods

  • Oil ‘ A person experiencing dry skin and who plans to get tanned have the alternative to moisturize his or her skin using moisturizers which has lots of oil in it. And for those who have severe dry skin, they should opt for moisturizers that are greasy.


  • Natural Moisturizing Factor ‘ Another option to promote skin health is to go for lotions which have natural moisturizing factors or NMF. Sodium PCA or Sodium pyrollidone carboxylic acid is a good example of an efficient natural moisturizing factor that people should look for in a lotion.
  • Vitamins ‘ This is perhaps one of the most common ways of moisturizing your skin after getting tanned. The dryness of the skin as caused by harsh weather tends to decrease he protective elements of the skin which makes it susceptible to pollutants and this I where vitamins becomes really important. Having a moisturizer which provides the vitamins to keep the skin healthy is always a good option. Always look for moisturizers that contain a healthy amount of Vitamin E or tocopheryl acetate which is a very reliable antioxidant.

Keeping your skin moisturized at all times, regardless if you get your skin tanned or not should always be practiced.