The Many Uses of Coconut Oil (Bonus: Tanning)

Coconut has been dubbed as the tree of life. Not surprising as all of the tree’s components are used to help uplift our lives. One of the most notable products from the coconut tree is the coconut oil. Coconut oil has been used in a lot of ways. If it’s virgin coconut oil, it has been used as an alternative medicine for children.

In fact, coconut oil has a lot of uses for various cases such as:

  • Heart disease prevention and internal repair. Despite the amount of saturated fat in coconut oil, it has lauric acid which helps in lowering the chances of the occurrence of heart disease. Additionally, the consumption of alcohol helps in a faster reparation time of tissues and healing the liver, kidney and pancreas.
  • Hair care. Much of our hair is subjected to the stress from our duties and the environment. By lathering it with some coconut oil, you can prevent further protein loss, which is the usual case for hair fall. You can also add a little shine to your hair with the aid of coconut oil.
  • Skin care. Coconut oil is one of the best oils for massaging as it locks in moisture to help dry skin. Contrary to the usual oils used, coconut oil has no adverse effects and aids your skin in fending off wrinkles and sagging skin.
  • Tanning. It’s best to make use of virgin coconut oil as a means of it being tanning oil. Due to its high fatty content, coconut oil helps in providing your skin the much needed protection when basking much of the sun’s rays. Contrary to belief, natural oils such as coconut oils make a better tanning aid compared to the usage of sunscreen alone. In fact, a lot of the commercial sunscreens or sun blocks have toxic chemicals which cause adverse effects to your skin.

Another perk of using coconut oil as a tanning oil is you’re making sure that the moisture is locked into your skin while tanning. This means that you’re locking in some hydration thus preventing your skin from drying up while you tan. Due to the high content of saturated fats, tanned skin through the usage of coconut oil does not peel off and you’re sure to avoid any chance of sunburn while sunbathing.

No matter what the usage of coconut oil may be, you can definitely benefit from it the moment you incorporate it into your body. Now this is an oil that is fundamentally good for you.