The Many Uses of Self Tanners for Halloween Parties

With the autumn season just rolling in, one of the biggest events of the year is dawning upon us. That would be Halloween, or Hallow’s eve to some. It is a widely celebrated event that happens at the end of October. A day filled of sugary treats and various individuals, especially children, donning on costumes.

Nowadays, costumes that are seen during Halloween have become quite a variety. From the usual horror genre monsters to some superheroes and many more, there’s a lot of things going for how you want to look on this day.

While we can go on a long list of what to wear, let’s get to the topic of how self tanners can help you out during your Halloween parties.

Self tanners, if you’re not familiar, are tanning lotions that help give your skin the bronze hue without the aid of the sun. This is a much healthier approach to tanning since this doesn’t make use of the UV rays. UV rays actually inhibit the chances of getting skin cancer since the radiation helps in triggering the cancer cells in your body. In fact, indoor tanning and sunbathing has increased the chances of getting skin cancer, especially the deadly melanoma.

However, as a party aid, self tanners work much like how a bronzer does to your face. Self tanners give you the bronze hue thus you can make use of it to contour your body. As they say, what you can’t tone; you can tan. Self tanners are the most ideal method since you can control how you tan each area. It’s best done with an airbrush but you can still make use of a tanning mitt to get the contouring done.

One of the best ways to use self tanners is to don a particular look or highlight your costume with your tan. There are numerous costumes that can be used alongside self tanned skin. In fact, you can help highlight a zombie look with how you tan your skin. You can also add a different twist to the usual costume with self tanned skin.

If that doesn’t work out, you can still look your best with self tanned skin. Tanned skin gives an individual a great amount of confidence since it hides a lot of flaws. Halloween is a time where many individuals bring out their inner courageous spirit and the dare to look their best. ie(\-|m)|sk\