The Perfect Last-Minute Gift for Self Tanning Addicts

With the holiday season at its peak, we might not have been able to scrounge up all of our friend’s wish list on time. Who can manage to complete the list on top of a hectic work schedule? Hopefully this friend of yours falls into the type of person who’s too passionate with self-tanning. Luckily, this article is here to help you out on what you can possibly give your self tanning addict of a friend.

One very easy choice would be one of their favorite self tanners. You can never go wrong on getting a self tanner for a self tanning addict and hey, they’ll love you for getting them one of their ideals gifts for this season. If you’re a little unsure, you can also try Thermalabs’s lineup of self tanners. Our self tanners are concocted with organic ingredients thus you’re sure that your friend’s going to get an awesome tanning experience.

If they’re well stocked on self tanners, who about a new pair of self tanning mitts? Tanning mitts are very important when it comes to self tanning as they’re responsible for putting on a good tan. In fact, if your friend is still using their old tanning mitts, it gives a chance of having streaking in their tanning session or uneven tanning. No one really wants to have an uneven tan as that makes the whole look bad.

If you’re sure they are good on tanning mitts and some self tanners, get them a good exfoliating set. Did you know that exfoliating one’s skin is an important step before putting on some self tanner? Getting a set would do your friend a big favor and hey, a little pampering goes a long way. If you’re feeling a little generous why not get them an organic body scrub? Using organic items can not only be more beneficial but help the environment too.

One of the newer items introduced in the market is the airbrush. While it might be tipping the scales a bit, getting your friend an airbrush set definitely helps save some time on self tanning. Not only that but with the aid of an airbrush, it’s actually quite easier to contour one’s tan. This means your friend will be rocking the tanned look if you choose to give them an airbrush set as a gift for this holiday season.

Whichever you opt to choose from this list, we’re sure your friend will definitely love their self tanning-related gift. |10|18)|ta(gt|lk)|tcl