The Rewards and Drawback of Tanning Pills

Tanning has gone through a wide range of methods through the years. Ever since it has been discovered by merely staying out too long under the sun, it’s become quite the sensationalized beauty trend. As this beauty trend has survived through various decades, methods of trying to get a tan have also evolved.

We’ve known that the easiest way to get a tan is through sunbathing which is simply lying down on a blanket after lathering yourself in a good amount of sunscreen. Simply soak as much of the sun’s rays on both sides of your body and viola; you’ve got yourself the delightful sun-kissed skin.

Another method would be to go through indoor tanning but it’s not actually less harmful than sunbathing but it is more efficient.

A healthier method that has rose recently is using self tanners which is a tanning lotion that makes use of various chemicals to provide color to your skin. Unfortunately, it is a little tedious compared to the two methods mentioned beforehand.

One method to getting a tan without having to soak the nasty UV rays or having to lather the tan through a tanning lotion, this is the use of tanning pills. Tanning pills, as you would have guessed by the name, is an oral method of trying to get a tan. It’s still in the earlier stages but it’s already gaining a market in the community.

Tanning pills are gaining quite the traction due to how convenient they are. Not only are they a much healthier choice to tanning but they are less complicated than self tanners. Simply pop a pill and you’re set to getting a tan.

Unfortunately, these tanning pills might not be the healthiest option. Contrary to what most people think, there have been numerous incidents of tanning pills causing stomach ulcers to other ailments. While your skin may tan to a degree, tanning pills cause quite the uproar internally.

A much healthier option would be to make use of Thermalabs self tanners. While they might be more complicated than the usual tanning method, they are still the best option on the market. Each one is packed with nutrients since a Thermalabs self tanner is concocted through natural means. Self tanning is still the best option for a healthier method of tanning and if you opt to make the most out of your tanning experience, Thermalabs self tanners are a great aid to this expenditure. l|s