The Role of Beach Tent in Caring for Your Self-Tanned Skin


You are a self tanner aficionado and you always know that sun bathing for self tanners like you is a little bit prohibited. It is because when you soak your body under the sun your skin will be burn. When your skin is burnt, it will flake and will peel in a few days up to one week. If you applied a self tanning product to your skin then let your skin burn, the effect of the self-tanner will only last in a few days instead of making it last for more or less than two weeks. Of course, nobody wants that their self tanner fades fast.

View from inside a tentIf you can’t resist to go on the beach while you are in the process of self tanning, here are some helpful tips to give extra care on your self-tanned skin.

  • Cover yourself

When you go under the sun wear appropriate clothing to cover your skin like long sleeves, sunglasses, and wide hats. If you are fashion conscious, there are lots of fashionable longs sleeves and hats that are very much appropriate as beach wear.

  • Use SPF

Covering yourself with cloth is very minimal in terms of the UV penetration unto your skin. Apply substantial amount of sunscreen or sunblock on your skin 15 to 30 minutes before going out under the sun. The higher the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of the sunscreen, the thicker the protection is. Reapply every after two hours or when necessary especially if you want to stay longer under the sun.

  • Stay on beach tents

Sunscreen can’t be applied all over your body, thus you are not still 100% protected from UV radiation. Staying under the shade especially when the sun is very high must be strictly observed. From 10 am to 4 pm, limit your exposure to the sun because those were the times when the UV rays are most intense. Thus it is a good idea to bring beach tent for you to relax while you are staring at the beach. There are different kinds of beach tents which may enjoy according to your preference. It includes pop-up beach tents, cabana beach tents, and canopy tents. Pop up beach tents are recommended if you are all girls or you don’t have boys to build you a tent because this is portable, foldable and very convenient to set up. It is not only good for the beach but good also for camping or hiking purposes as well