The story of a professional tanner

There are first-timers, beginners, and pros. Never mind the amateurs. Here is a story of the first-timer who became a pro.

Let us first differentiate the first-timers from the beginners.

First timer; “Makes your skin golden bronze without the sun. Let me try.” Goes home, opens the box, and reads the instructions on how to apply the tanning lotion.

Now, the First-timer said, ” This this great, I’ll buy another bottle.” Keeps on using the tanning lotion for a while. Meets other people and gets surprised that their tan lasts longer. Goes home, research, and apply what was discovered. A beginner is born.

What this beginner discovered is that the skin has to be conditioned or prepped before applying the tanning lotion. The process a few days to a week depending on the type of exfoliation. Online research defines exfoliation as the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin using chemical, granular substances, or exfoliation tools. It is a helpful fact that dead skin cells move to the upper layers of the skin every 28-30 days.

This beginner is determined to exfoliate at minimum cost. Does deeper research and was surprised that what is needed can be found in the kitchen. You can exfoliate using a salt scrub or a sugar scrub. Salt and sugar do the job, but a loofah and a dry brush do a better job.

So what this pro did is apply the new exfoliation techniques and then the tanning cream. The pro is happy and felt sexier and more beautiful with a better tan. The beginner soon meets other people and gets surprised that their tan even lasts longer and even. Goes home, research, and found out that a shave is also needed.

This beginner shaved before but not the entire body. “It would be quite expensive to put shaving cream on my entire body,” pondered the beginner. Soon a discovery; conditioner can substitute shaving cream. So, the beginner refined the exfoliation process, shaving and had the best results for the tan.

Curiosity plus the aim for tan perfection, the beginner discovered Thermalabs tanning lotions and became a pro. Test and comparison show that Thermalabs’ Golden Standard gives a more natural-looking brown or golden hue. This product does not give that orange hue. Made from all-natural organic ingredients; Avocado oil, Olive oil, Shea butter, Cocoa seed butter, and Aloe leaf juice, this pro is confident that it is safe for the skin.

With savings and evenness in mind, this pro browsed and found the Ultimitt. This mitt absorbs less lotion; efficient and does not leak because of the isolating layer on the inner side, and is stitched meticulously to last. Having a large mitt, a face mitt, and a finger mitt, the application of the tanning lotion will be fast, even, and efficient.

Charming woman applying cream on legs on the bed at home

As time passed, this pro shared with friends and relatives to take a bath, exfoliate, shave, and naturally dry first before applying the tanning lotion.

This professional tanner highly recommends Thermalabs for your tanning needs. Click here to see more of Thermalabs’ Tanning Products.