Thermalabs Beach Tent Features



Instant pop up

Thermalabs Beach Tent FeatureA Folding beach tent will work wonders in the beach. It only takes a minute or two for set up. Folding beach tents are engineered to be easy to set up via an instant pop up mechanic, which takes a few minutes tops to get going.

Folding beach tents have minimal components. A small number of pegs are included, but there will be minimal to no need for using mallets and such to set up a tent.

Fast cleanup

Folding beach tents can be cleaned up in a jiffy. Since folding beach tents are designed to be extremely minimal, a fast cleanup is assured upon purchase.

There are a small amount of pegs to be collected, and the tent can be folded in just a minute or two. No hassles at all.

Ultraviolet Protection

Not all folding beach tents are designed to block out the sun’s harmful rays completely. The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays are harmful to the skin. Usually, sunblock is used to protect the skin from harmful UV rays.

For tents, the term Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) was coined to signify the effectiveness of its protection. Beach tents differ in their UPF ratings. UPF 40-50 is the sweet spot for extreme UV protection. UPF 25-39 are very good. UPF 15-24 is okay. Anything lower than UPF 15 is not recommended.

Carry bags

Any folding beach tent should always have a carry bag included. These carry bags are designed to fit a folding beach tent when folded. Carry bags also prevent your beach tents from popping out when stored. The handles on the carry bags also make it convenient for storing and travelling. Carry bags keep the beach tent snug and fit, perfect for a travel to the beach or park.

Sand pockets

The best beach tents come with a feature called “sand pockets”. Sand pockets are basically pockets on the outer sides of a folding beach tent. These pockets can be filled with sand to serve as a paperweight to stop the tent from moving and being blown away. It also keeps the tent sturdy no matter what happens.

Ventilation zips

Another overlooked aspect for beach tents is the ventilation inside the tent itself. Some folding beach tents have ventilation zippers inside the tents. These ventilation zippers can be opened up to allow better ventilation inside the tent. Perfect when you’re taking a break from all the swimming and beach frisbee.