Things To Know About Tanning Towellettes

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For a general idea of tanning towelettes, read on…

A lot of people are skeptical when it comes to trying out tanning towelletes and most of the time the reason behind this is that they are lacking knowledge on how it is utilized and or misinformed. If you are one of those individuals who are wondering about facts regarding tanning towellettes then you may want to take note of the following things:

Time of Application: Just like with other tanning products, you are free to use tanning towellettes at the most convenient time for you so long as you properly prepare your body for the session. This means that you should take a shower first at least 8 hours before your tanning session and should ensure that you thoroughly rinse your body of any soap or dirt and completely dry yourself.

Exfoliate: Though exfoliating is not really a requirement if you have plans of utilizing a tanning towellette to get that bronzed appearance, it is highly recommended to do so. This makes sure that your pores are not clogged by dirt and doing so ensures that the surface of the skin is smooth eough to apply an equal amount of tanning formula on it. The importance and positive effect of exfoliation on the body before a tanning session cannot be stressed enough and works best especially if your skin is prone to having dry spots or if your skin feels a little rough or uneven on the surface.

When to Moisturize: When it comes to the time to moisturize, only do this when your skin is completely dry and clean from taking a shower and if it is free from lotions or creams. Moisturizers’ effectiveness is lessened if there is some sort of barrier between the skin and the moisturizer formula hence it is vital to exfoliate before taking a shower and to thoroughly wash off soap from the body. If you just finished utilizing a towellette, give your body at least 4 to 6 hours before you start applying moisturizers on your body so as not to interfere with the tanning process.

Towellette Drying Duration: This depends on the specific product or brand though most of them tend to dry up right away after application which keeps the chances of staining your clothing low. This makes it convenient for people since this allows them to dress up right away.


Tanning towellettes are following the footsteps of the more common self tanners being sold in the market. Though people are still trying to grasp their function, it is only a matter of time before people learn to appreciate them.