Things To Know Before Getting A Spray Tan for Your Big Event

When it comes to looking your best for certain events, it’s always good to make a great impression. Great impressions are done by looking your best. Thus for upcoming weddings, reunions or even lengthy holidays, one has to be ready to pose in front of the camera. One way to get your look up a notch is to get a tan. Tanning can do a lot of wonders to providing great cover ups to giving you an even tone. A good way to get your tanning fix would be to rely on spray tanning.

Spray tanning is a method where self tanners are sprayed onto your skin. Why would this be considered the ideal choice to tanning? This is due to the harm that sunbathing and indoor tanning can do your skin. Ranging from sunburn to as worse as melanoma, which is a very aggressive form of skin cancer. The two mentioned methods have been slowly ill-advised to those who want to get into tanning. Now, while self tanners are a healthier option, using them can be quite tricky.

You’ll want to prime your body before getting a spray tan done. For this scenario, it’s best to exfoliate your skin and wax beforehand. At least two days for waxing and you can do thorough cleansing sessions a day before applying your spray tan. This makes your skin a good palate and for the self tanner to adhere easily to your skin. A very important tip, exfoliating evens out your skin since it gets ride of the layer of dead skin cells. This helps avoid any streaking and lighter spots on your body.

Know your self tanner and apply beforehand. Have a wedding to attend on Thursday? Try to do your tanning on Tuesday by the latest or even earlier. It’s important to give your self tanner some time to dry. Hastily putting on your spray tan a day before the event can still leave you with a partially dry tan. This can lead to a ruined tan as well as staining your clothing. That’s one very embarrassing experience.

Another factor why you want to tan a little earlier is you can contour your tan in a way that it can complement what you wear. Have a nice dress or snazzy suit to don? Try to make spray tan a semi-permanent bronzer that can aid you in looking your best for the event.