Things to Look for in Exfoliating Gloves

Things to Look for in Exfoliating Gloves-Thermalabs

Not all exfoliating gloves are made equal. Some are made better than others. Some are sturdier than others, while some break after the first use. Some gloves are extremely smooth, while some are very coarse.

Specifically, gloves made of organic and natural materials such as bamboo fiber, loofah, jute, and sisal are known to be easy on the skin, tough on dead cells, and lasts long.

Basket of Goods for personal careStill don’t know what you should look for in a natural exfoliating glove? Here are some tips to consider.

  1. Organic materials

Some gloves are made up of synthetic materials. Natural and organic gloves are better because organic materials are known to be better for the skin. Your skin is not exposed to synthetic materials that could be dangerous or allergic to your skin.

  1. Size

Always make sure that the gloves are in your hand size. Otherwise, using the gloves will be a painful experience that ends with frustration. Using the right size will assure you that the gloves won’t rip when used.

  1. Tough material

Your gloves should stand up to normal wear and tear. Natural exfoliating gloves like sisal and jute should hold up pretty strong as compared to ones that use synthetic materials.

  1. Smoothness or roughness

Different people and different skin call for different glove types. So you should look for products that provide what you look for. Smooth natural exfoliating gloves are those made from bamboo or loofah. On the other hand, rougher natural exfoliating gloves are made of sisal or jute.

  1. Absorption

If you plan on using a lot of product on your skin, make sure that the natural exfoliating glove you’re looking for is absorbent. Bamboo fiber gloves are one of the most absorbent natural exfoliating gloves out there. This will be perfect for applying big amounts of product on your skin.

Choosing the right gloves can make or break your exfoliation experience, so it’s important to choose the right type of glove. By choosing products with multiple options and features, you get the most bang out of your buck. And if you’ve had bad experiences using gloves that rip easily, using natural exfoliating gloves could change your whole experience.

Either way, carefully reviewing and doing research on the features that you want out of the glove could save you from buying unnecessary product and disappointment. By using the tips outlined above, the features you need should be easy to spot.