If you want to look your best, one of the methods to do so is self tanning. Self tanning has become quite an appealing beauty enhancer without doing a drastic change to your body. Compared to the conventional method of tanning which is through sunbathing and indoor tanning self tanning is a much healthier approach to tanning and doesn't take a lot of time to conduct. It can take a few hours for the tanner to truly dry on your skin but once it dries up, you're treated to a great tan that you can keep for a good amount of time.

One of the most beloved methods of getting a self tan is through spray tanning. You need an airbrush, a compressor and a self tanner that doesn't easily clog up for this scenario. Spray tanning is done by a lot of individuals even by those in big industries. Even Victoria's Secret models get their share of spray tan before doing their highlight on the catwalk.

But as an average individual, here are some of the benefits you can reap by using an airbrush for self tanning: