Things To Stop Doing After Self Tanning

Tanning has become quite a lucrative hobby to invest upon. Normally, you’d rely on sunbathing and indoor tanning as the common means to getting a tan. Unfortunately these are very dangerous in the long run since they can cause a lot of harm. If you’re not informed, consistent exposure to UV rays can raise the chances of getting skin cancer. This is the reason why self tanning has become quite a preferred approach to getting a tan.

Unfortunately, self tanning is not an easy path to take. Since it is applied topically, it can be hard to work around on the first try. Once you get your tan, the next step is to take good care of it. Self tanned skin works differently with the tanned skin from the usual tanning methods. To protect your tan, here are some tips you want to consider:

– Make sure that your skin care products do not contain retinol. If you’d like to get into self tanning or do it often, it’s always good practice to check the ingredients of the skin care products you are buying. Retinol can easily erase a self tan. You’d remember well to get as far away as possible from that chemical.

– Avoid hot showers. Hot showers may sound really good after a tiring day but they can easily dry your skin up. Dry skin can lead to ruining your tan by flaking off the parts that have dried up. No one wants to deal with this kind of experience right after getting their tan. Opt for warm showers and try to hydrate your skin when you can.

– Don’t take a dip in the pool just yet. Chlorine is a strong bleach and can easily ruin your tan. You don’t want to end up with lighter patches of skin so try to avoid going to the pool. Why not set up a small inflatable pool in the backyard?

– if you’ve just freshly applied your self tanner, avoid sweating at all costs. Sweating can cause your tanner to run which can make very embarrassing and difficult mistakes to work around with. Try to do your self tanning in a cool room or an open space with minimal furniture to bump into. Night is also a good time to do your self tanning.

– Wear loose clothes and undergarments that you’re good to throw away anytime soon. There’s a good chance you might stain your clothing as the tanner dries so choose clothes that are loose, dark and disposable.