Things You Should Be Scared About when Self Tanning

Tanning has become a form of art in the beauty department due to how well it accentuates one’s body. If you’ve never tried out tanning, you’re surely missing out on the benefits a bronze pallor can give you.

fear-1017831_1280Although you’ve been lead to believe that getting a tan is only achievable through copious hours under the sun, earning that earthen color can be done in several ways. As was mentioned, sunbathing is the commonly known way to getting a tan. This is followed after by a tanning bed or tanning salon which bathes your entire body with UV rays to get the dark hue. A less hazardous alternative to the UV consumption would be self tanners, which some consider a fake tan.

Self tanners, despite being the better option to tanning, were recently introduced as a way to get a tan without heightening the chances of getting skin cancer. Despite the much preferred choice, this method of tanning has its share of scare stories.

Not to worry, its share of scare stories aren’t really those that will deter you from ever trying self tanning. It’s best to remember that self tanning is a trickier approach to tanning since you’ll be applying the bronzing agent to your skin.

If you’re a little unsure of what self tanner you’d like to start using for your self tanning experience, you can try out the Thermalabs’s set of self tanners since they’re an organic and natural approach to tanning. This not only makes self tanners a better approach to getting the bronze color but also aid in taking better care of your skin.

To start it off, one of the horrors you may encounter when it comes to self tanners is streaking. This is the effect of having certain areas which are darker due to the inconsistency in the application. This usually happens when you clump up the self tanner or you apply it in tricky places such as your elbows or your knees. To sort this out, you can try to pat the self tanner upon application or you apply as little as possible at the start. If you’ve done the inevitable, use some lemon juice to lighten the tone of the area.

You’ll want to avoid using your bare hands else you want some very orange digits to work around with. The best course of action to getting stain free hands is using tanning mitts which also help on the application of self tanners.

If you’d like to have a tan that best accentuates your body, you can make use of an airbrush kit since they are the best tools to contouring a tan. You may want to spray your tan on top of some old newspapers or using one of Thermalabs tanning tents.

With these simple steps, those self tanning nightmares should worry you no more. d[2]]= _