Time To Get Serious About Sunscreen

With the environment getting hotter and hotter, it’s no surprise that a lot of people have been told to get their share of the shade as much as possible. At times, we can’t have our share of the shade thus we meander around under the sun for hours on end. This is a very dangerous practice as we’re not only putting our skin to a possible onslaught of burns but adds up the chances of getting skin cancer.

In fact, it’s no longer an option to get out of the house without putting on some sunscreen. Be it a sunny or a rainy day, you’ll want to lather yourself with sunscreen before stepping outside of the house.

Sunscreen is your first defense against the sun’s harmful UV rays. Normally, we only put on sunscreen when we’re at the beach but this should be a practice when we step out of the house. In fact, sunscreen doesn’t work immediately once lathered on your skin; it still needs to be absorbed. This means you’ll need to wait before you dive into the waters right after applying your share of sunscreen. Sunscreen works after thirty minutes it has been applied. If you’re hoping to get some sunscreen before heading out, lathering yourself with it after patting yourself dry is the best time.

Much like lotion or any topical application on your skin, sunscreen also has a limit. If you’re extra sweaty, chances are you’ve already sweated out your sunscreen, and staying any longer under the sun can get you an unwanted dose of sunburn. If that’s not a deterrent, you’re also more susceptible to getting melanoma the longer you stay out. Sunscreen loses its ability to protect you after two to three hours. It’s best to reapply when you can and much like what was mentioned earlier, you’ll need to wait it out before you can hang out under the sun.

One very important tip is to choose a wide range of sunscreen, this type of sunscreen can block off both the UVA and UVB rays. Additionally, the higher the SPF value it has the more rays it can block off. These should be the very criteria you’ll have to follow when trying to buy your next sunscreen.

Despite the tips for taking care of your skin using sunscreen, it’s still a good idea to avoid basking too much of the sun’s rays and make good use of the shade when possible. As they all say, prevention is better than cure thus you’ll have to skimp on some sun if you want to avoid harsh results.