Tips for Using a Tanning Mitt

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Whether you use sunless tanning products such as lotion, mousse, gel or spray, Thermalabs’ tanning mitt is a must-have accessory of every tan enthusiast. Tanning mitts are composed of special fiber designed to spread tanning formulas in wider coverage and faster application resulting in an even and smooth tan. It has a water resistant barrier that protects your palms and fingers from stains. Many of the tan addicts recommend using tanning mitts because aside from saving your palms from orange stains, it takes only half the time of application without the tanning mitt.

Below are some tips on how to use a fake tanning mitt or applicator mitt and how to take care of it for a longer use.

  • On its initial use, simply remove the plastic wrapper, put your hand in like a glove or baby mitten, spray or put lotion, gel or mousse onto the mitt then glide into your skin in circular motion.
  • After application, don’t wait for the tanning mitt to dry. Wash it immediately or soak in water with detergent. Do not use bleaching solutions when washing the tanning mitt. Simple soap or detergent will wash away any tanning product from it. Do not dry directly under the sun because it will make the fabric hard and rough. Or better check instructions in washing included in the product wrapper for proper and guided cleaning if there are any.
  • When you are done applying all over your body and it’s time to get your hands tanned, a good trick to keep your hands stain-free is to put the mitt on the other hand and do the same application you did all over your body.
  • Use the tanning mitt solely in applying sunless tanning solutions. Never use it for any other purpose like cooking, painting or cleaning. Stains that may stick to the mitt may cause uneven or streaky results in tanning.
  • In case the tanning solution still penetrated your palms even when using the tanning mitt, wash immediately to avoid the stain from sticking to your palms.
  • Tanning mitts help you save money because they are washable and reusable. At the same time you help mother earth by refraining from using disposable and non-recyclable tanning mitts. But although tanning mitts are reusable, you also have the need to replace it every 6 months to maintain a flawless and streak-free application.