Tips In Choosing The Best Self-Tanning Spray

A lot of people are obsessed with getting that tanned look and are willing to go as far as go to tanning salons on a weekly basis just to have that tanned complexion. However, not all people have the luxury of time to visit tanning salons to get tanned hence self-tanning spray products are gradually growing into popularity. So how do these products work?

Basically, tanning sprays are products that contain DHA which is a colorless sugar that was originally derived from plants such as sugar beets. It was discovered that DHA or dihydroxyacetone has an enzymatic reaction with the amino acids of the outer layer or epidermis of the skin which causes dead skin cells to become dark temporarily.

If you plan to buy a tanning self spray soon but is uncertain of what specific product to buy, you have to keep the following tips in mind:

  • Read the Ingredients ‘ Always make sure to read the product’s ingredients. An authentic tanning spray should have DHA as its main ingredient.
  • Moisturizers ‘ The next thing that you need to look for in a tanning spray is if it includes moisturizers. Always remember that tanning your skin tends to dehydrate your skin and this can be harmful in the long run hence pick one that also moisturizes the skin after you tan it to keep your skin healthy.
  • Close Your Eyes/Hold Your Breath/Close Your Mouth ‘ Do this only if you are spraying the product on your face. Also, make sure to hold your breath so that you do not inhale its scent because it can potentially trigger respiratory associated allergies. You should also make sure you close your mouth.
  • Shake Well/Read Instructions ‘ Take time in reading the product’s instructions so you know how to properly administer it. Also, make sure to shake the product well before you apply it to yourself.
  • Spray Evenly ‘ When administering it, spray with smooth even strokes so that the result would be satisfactory.

What makes self-tanning spray a great option is that it is approved for use by the FDA and if you carefully read the instructions, you will not have trouble applying it. Not to mention that purchasing self-tanning sprays is more affordable than going to a tanning salon which can eventually cost you a fortune especially if you prefer getting tanned often. Overall, if you only want your skin to get that tanned appearance on special occasions or during the summer season, you are probably better off getting self-tanning sprays.