Tips in Getting A Darker Tan

Darker TanSome people find it appealing and desirable to have tanned skin. These days, people no longer have to go sunbathe in the beach resort under the scorching rays of the sun just to get that desired tanned look. There are a number of methods that can be utilized these days to achieve a dark tan even if you are at home.

Research: In addition to using tanning products, you also have an option to visit a local tanning salon and with internet access, this should not pose too much trouble. Once you find a reputable that is accessible to you, the next thing that you may want to do is to have a representative tour you around their facilities and closely inspect their tanning beds to make sure that it is hygienic. If the staff is friendly and the tanning beds are decent then it is already up to you if you want to employ their services.

Exfoliate: Always remember that exfoliating is the first and necessary step if you will be getting yourself tanned, regardless if this would be through a local tanning salon or if this would be through the use of a tanning product. Use a washcloth or loofah to wash and exfoliate the skin before you undergo the tanning process. This ensures that dead skin cells are removed and the skin is fresh for tanning. The next thing that you should do is to initially apply a tanning lotion to speed up the tanning process before undergoing the tanning session.

Hydration: Make sure that you have a moisturizer at your disposal so that you can use it after you get yourself tanned. This ensures your skin’s health and keeps it from getting too dehydrated. Remember that dehydrated skin is bad and can cause unwanted wrinkles and or freckles. Have tan sessions of five to eight minutes so that you can build on the base tan and do this procedure for at least five to seven days. Be consistent with these steps so that you can get that extra dark tanned look that you are looking for.

Limit: Once your skin no longer shows any signs of darkening then stop the procedure altogether because your skin might end up damaged. Also stop utilizing the tanning bed and other related sessions and just repeat the process if the tan is already starting to fade.


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